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Oulu Taiji Association, Finland (Oulun Taiji-seura, shortly OTS) is an non-profit organisation founded in 1992 to promote Chinese martial arts, mainly internal styles such as tai chi quan and qigong.

The association is a member of the Finnish and International Wushu Federation (FIWUF, IWUF) and Finnish Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Federation Our classes are based on standardized, mainly Yang-style tai chi chuan forms and health qigong forms with high International Health Qigong Federation’s standards (IHQF). We also provide lessons in DYYSG qigong.

Courses and fees 2023 Autumn

Oulu Taiji Association provides courses on tai chi and qigong for both beginner and advanced levels.

Tai chi classes for beginners start every autumn and after new year. New qigong courses begin every few months.

Seasonal training fee of 60€ lets you join all our classes. Seasonal fee for only the online-training is 50€

10-time card is 50€.

During summer, we organize free classes for everybody at Ainolan puisto aka Hupisaaret.

Spring training season 2024

  • Myllytulli-school, Kirkkokatu 1, Oulu. Use the back entrance from the side of Åström-park! Code to the door is 15456#.
  • Oulunsuu-school, Aapistie 4, Oulu. Instructor has the key to the training hall.
COURSES (2024)

Tai chi (yang style 24 and beginners class) on Wednesdays at 19:30-21 at Myllytulli School (starting 10. January)

Tai chi traditional style on Thursdays at 19:30-21:30 at Oulunsuu School (starting 11. January)

Qigong course on Saturdays at 12:00-13:20 (beginners) and 13:30-15:00 (advanced) at Myllytulli-school (starting 13. January)

All courses are open for all levels


Free summer-sessions

Again at Summer 2024!

The summer training sessions are free of charge and are open to everyone. Beginners are welcome to join us. Place: Ainola-park, Hupisaaret.

More information available via e-mail found at the bottom of the page.