Qigong camp by Zhuang Yongchang 6-9.10.2016 in Oulu

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In October Mr Zhuang Yongchang from Beijing Sports University travels to Oulu to lecture and teach in our gigong camp.  Theme of the qigong camp is the  Dao Yin Yang Sheng Gong(DYYSG in later text).

Zhuang Yongchang is currently working at Beijing Sports University as a teacher, a researcher and a coach. He is a co-author of the books: ”Sitting health method”, Sports warm up routine, Health Qigong Baduan Jin Competition form,  Health Qigong Twelve movements Duan Jin and Huashan-cliff health excerices. In additon he has new health research project under work. He travels around the world teaching in Health Qigong seminars, takes part to the national and international Health Qigong competitions. He is widely respected and regocnized qigong teacher with many awards. His teaching travels include countries such as, Taiwan, Canada, Germany, United States, France, Finland, Estonia, Chile, Macao and so on. In China he also teaches and develops health qigong in many locations. He is dedicated to share China’s traditional health preserving culture around the world.

DYYSG is a method created by professor Zhang Guande, who is one of the teachers of Zhuang Yongchang.

DYYSG is a method of practice, in which the mind is used to excersise breathing, movement, body, and meridians. It aims to develop general health and wellbeing. It works by eliminating the original causes to various illnesses at their roots.  It combines all knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, theory of qi and blood, modern western medicine, qigong tradition for a physical excercise to reach health and self cultivation.
DYYSG is a scientific method to improve physical and mental health with help of new synthetic science studies. All it’s movements are circular, continous and lead by concentrated mind in slow, continous and relaxed way. Deep abdominal breathing is the core of DYYSG. Method is a mean to recover from illnesses by making self excercises following previously mentioned principles.

Movements are soft, gentle and slow, which makes it fit to all ages and in all physical condition.

There is no need to have earlier experience on qigong to be able to join the cources in the camp weekend.

After the camp you can exercise the forms at home or join to Oulu taiji clube to get more guides on forms.


We wish everybody warmly welcome to join to camp weekend !


There is two part during the long weekend:

First  part: Zhuang Yongchang lecture on qigong and chinese health exercises

Four day camp starts with free lecture on Thursday.

Lecture and all trainings are held with english language. People with chinese language skill can ask questions also in chinese 🙂

You can participate only to lecture if you can not join to exercises. Or vise versa, the lecture is not mandatory to participate to exercise lessons.

Thursday 6.10.2016 klo 18-20, ODL-house on  Wegelius-court, Albertinkatu 16

No registration required to lecture, just join and enjoy !


Second part: Daoyin Yangsheng Gong -camp 7.-9.10.2016

Friday 18-21 Myllytulli school ( Kirkkokatu 1)

Saturday 10-16 Myllytulli school, lunch break 12-13

Sunday 10-15 Merikoski school (Itäkangastie 9), lunch break 12-13

Sunday: after camp there is relaxed evening celibration with sauna, grill with own food and drinks at Villa Kaljaasi.

Registration:  oulun-taiji-seuran-hallitus(at)googlegroups.com

Binding registration as soon as possible, seat is reserved by paying the fee for camp

The amount of participants to exercises is restricted to 40 because of the size of the school training class.

Costs: whole camp 120 e, part of the camp 15 e/h, free lecture.

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